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Weddings are strung together with high spirits, energy from above, and extra doses of love. The desire to create a beautiful space to spend years remembering is hard to ignore during the engagement period. Follow these grounding categories listed below to help guide your inspiration.

Wedding invitations

Your wedding invitation is the first impression (and personal expression!) that your guests will have of what to expect on your day. This is your opportunity to share the excitement of your engagement with others. Is your wedding a spring soiree with vivid florals and visions of flowy cocktail dresses? Or is it your day more contemporary with an art deco chic feel? Breathe that inspiration into your wedding invitation and you’ll start your wedding presentation off on the right foot!


Florals are one of the first things a bride chooses when planning her wedding. It makes sense–as florals can evoke a general feel through color and texture. Florals are not only used traditionally in bouquets, but also throughout the decor (tables, aisle floral arrangements, arbors etc.). The possibilities for florals are endless and we always encourage our brides to think beyond their dreams.

Tables-capes + Styling

There are many ways to set your reception tables for your wedding. Some brides opt for settings that are enchanting and luxurious while other brides may be more drawn to whimsical and vibrant table settings (both examples seen above). There is always the option to draw back and create a simple tables-cape. If you decide to go the simple route, be sure your styling is high quality and can stand alone. Simple does NOT mean boring. The best “simple” is refined, yet still pleases the eye.

Your Personal Touches

When choosing your wedding day attire, don’t forget to accessorize with items that reflect your personal style. Shoes, jewelry and hair are the first that come to mind. Whether it’s a string of pearls from your grandmother, or a personally designed ring box (see below)–these small details work together to create your unique day.

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