Warren & Siobhan’s Vibrant Multicultural Wedding


One of the most fascinating parts of running a wedding venue is the endless array of couples we get to work with. Since we opened our doors in 2016**, we’ve had the privilege to serve couples of all ages, backgrounds, career paths and more. Warren + Siobhan’s wedding was a gift of beauty, family and held a constant thread of “embrace your roots” throughout the day.

With vibrant florals, attention-grabbing decor, and authentic East Indian attire to end the night…you will be swept away in daydreams of how to make your wedding YOURS.

The Day-of Details + Decor

This is no shy assortment of details! Flirty pinks and yellows tease us for the lavish day ahead. These luxurious touches are just delicious! Siobhan gifted her bridesmaids and niece robes to enjoy while bringing in the fun during their wedding day prep.

The Big Reveal

Warren enjoys some time with his guys as he prepares to meet his gorgeous bride. Siobhan and her mother share some intimate moments together before she officially reveals herself to her dad at their first look. It’s always a beautiful mystery that so many emotions and moments can happen in one day.  

Unforgettable Vows

It’s no surprise that everyone loves a first look between the bride & groom, but you can’t deny the anticipation and emotion that occurs when the bride and groom see each other for the first time during an aisle walk. The mystery of the moment added to being surrounded by the most important people in your life, it’s an irreplaceable experience different for each couple. What an honor to witness this special moment!

Festivities Begin!

Wedding guests were well dressed and ready to partake in the evening reception. It was a lovely October night, and the couple chose the perfect wedding party drink to set the mood: a custom coffee bar by Fuel Coffee Co. We highly suggest Fuel Coffee Co for our couples as a drink option–who can say no to a barista latte? 

A Celebration of Culture

After dinner, Siobhan + Warren slipped away to the bridal lounge to retrieve their second outfit for the night–a boastful tribute to their East Indian heritage! With Caribbean music to celebrate Siobhan’s Trinidad roots, the guests were floored at this show stopping segment of the night.

Siobhan + Warren, thank you for letting us step into your world for a night. Thank you for allowing us to witness the beautiful harmony of family, culture and marriage. Your wedding day was truly unforgettable and has left us inspired to embrace our true selves. 


The Venue at Murphy Lane

Videography: Seagle Films
Bar Service: Murphy Lane Bar
Coffee Bar: Fuel Coffee Bar
Bridal Gown: Downtown Gowns

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