Refined Southern Elegance…a how to!


There’s something unique about a Southern wedding, am I right? They have that rich sweetness to them, that heavy feeling of comfort in the air, that deep soul like a New Orleans jazz band, a mama walking around making sure her kids are behaving, and most importantly–some of the best food you could imagine. Being a wedding venue in the heart of Georgia, we have seen our fair share of weddings. Are we wrong to claim a title of expertise in not just southern elegance, but refined southern elegance? Carry on to see us showcase real Murphy Lane weddings with some refined Southern tips–cheers!

Alayna + Caleb

Refined tip #1: When choosing more vibrant floral colors (i.e. purple, yellow, pink, orange), choose one color with various shades. This creates a more elegant, elevated look versus choosing only one color for your bouquets/arrangements. See Alayna, a June 2022 bride, creating her florals with various shades of pink. Bravo!

Lexy + Zack

Refined tip #2: “Fancy up!” the southern traditions for a more refined feel at your wedding. Lexy and Zack tastefully incorporated many southern elements into their wedding: a customized Georgia mule cocktail, tables adorned with magnolia leaves and white roses and of course us southerners can’t celebrate without some good ole’ fried chicken.┬áBonus refined tip: See this couple’s gold dusted cake for wedding cake inspiration!

Caitlin + Will

Refined tip #3: Focus on the details! Thoughtful touches throughout your wedding day are unforgettable. As a couple, you get the opportunity to create an experience tailored to your tastes + your guests will notice! Don’t overlook the importance of your wedding invitation and your day of design elements. Caitlin + Will incorporated classic and airy touches for their beautiful wedding day.

xoxo – Murphy Lane!

Alayna + Caleb: Chasity Posey Photography

Lexy + Zack: Jessica Williams Studio

Caitlin + Will: Shauna Veasey Photography

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